Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Looking mainstream: I like the premise of Michael Diaz's "What Looks Good" at SBC. It's a little different from the numerous other columns devoted to combing through Diamond's weekly shipping lists in that these are titles Michael actually intends to buy. So, you're not likely to see a $49.95 deluxe, leather-bound edition of whatever in the column. He'll accept reader recommendations, but only when he can afford to pick them up.

The down side is that Michael's tastes don't vary much. "NYX." "Ultimate" everything. Even Millar's "Wanted." The rare curve ball comes in the form of "Dark Days" or "Scooter Girl."

Hey, he likes what he likes. He shouldn't apologize for enjoying "Emma Frost" or "Punisher." I enjoy a good superhero story myself. But it would be nice if there were a less mainstream, less superhero-oriented counter-balance to Michael's middle-of-the-road tastes.

Maybe then, SBC would actually move toward becoming "the internet's most diverse comics webzine."