Sunday, December 28, 2003

The Year in Mutants: At The X-Axis, Paul O'Brien accurately and hilariously sums up the year in X-books.

On Emma Frost: "And those Greg Horn covers - those godawful, embarrassing covers, which bear no resemblance to the content of the book at all. If Marvel really think there's such an audience out there for Horn's work, why not just launch a book called Tits Monthly and get him to do the covers for that? At least he'd be at home."

On Exiles: "You know those little machines you can buy for feeding your cat while you're away on holiday? The ones where you fill up all the little compartments with cat food, and then every day the machine opens another one for the cat to eat? ... Well, that's basically what Exiles was like in 2003."

On Soldier X: "Bet you'd forgotten about this one."

On Uncanny X-Men: "There are two kinds of bad comic. First, there's the comics which had a passable idea, but blew it at the stage of execution. They may be dreadful, but at least you can understand why they were commissioned. Second, there are comics where the premise is to immediately and obviously awful that you can't imagine how they ever got approved in the first place. Much of Austen's work on Uncanny this year has been of that sort."