Monday, January 19, 2004

It's Millar time (again): In Part 2 of SBC's epic interview, Mark Miller gets to the disturbing core of the Joe Quesada-Bill Jemas relationship:

"If Joe provided the ovum for New Marvel then Bill certainly pumped in the semen and fertilized the egg. There are some new faces on the business end now providing completely different semen which, of course, will produce a completely different... Actually, could we just change the subject for a minute?"

On a less troubling note, Millar is surprisingly candid when asked about the cancellation of the Trouble trade:

"Are you kidding? It bombed. Sales on the first ish were actually really good (about 55K) which was nice for a romance comic, but it completely missed the mark. The art was nice though and I quite liked the ending. It seemed like a good laugh when pitched to me in a bar last December."