Friday, February 20, 2004

Going to the source: Christopher Butcher comes down on Newsarama for basing most of its initial story about the Image Comics shakeup on Comic Book Resources' coverage, but originally attributing the first six paragraph to nebulous "sources":

"Galling, pathetic, and a shameless and unprofessional attempt to steal readers from CBR. At the bare minimum, he links to the originating article at CBR, but in true Newsarama style, he does so in the Seventh Fucking Paragraph."

Update, of sorts: There's an exchange in the Newsarama forums between Ron Phillips and Matt Brady regarding the website's reporting of the story:

Ron Phillips: "It's nice to see Newsarama is the center of Journalistic integrity. Not only did the original story not cite CBR's break of these events as the source, but changes were made to the original content to correct the error. When you make an editorial mistake and release it, you do not change the original copy. You either issue a correction or write an addendum."

Matt Brady: "The link to, inclusion of, and quote from CBR's interview was there from the beginning. Newsarama's source on the story was not CBR, though. It came from an independent source prior to me being aware it was on CBR - hence the "Newsarama has learned." I've cited CBR as a source for breaking stories before, and will more tha likely do so again, but in this case, they were not the source of the reportage for Newsarama's story.

"When I saw that CBR had it as well, I linked to their interview, as I knew it was too late in the day to contact Larsen for an interview."