Thursday, May 13, 2004

Bird feed: Newsarama talks with Steven T. Seagle about his autobiographical graphic novel, It's A Bird, which has been lauded by numerous mainstream critics but essentially ignored by the traditional comics-reading audience:

"I just hoped people would find it. I'm glad they have. The fact that it's been more people outside of comics than in is just a really interesting sidebar. It sold out at yesterday, but my local shop still has two copies! DC has done an excellent job of showing the book to more traditional book markets - we've been covered in The New Yorker,, The Washington Post, Time, The St. Louis Post Dispatch, a lot of regional papers, and we were even the editor's pick in the book section of this week's Entertainment Weekly - which yes, is owned by AOL/Time/Warner, but come on! How often does that happen? Hopefully the outside push will get people in comics to cruise back by and take a look at the book as well."