Saturday, May 22, 2004

Brubaker assembled: It's all Wizard World East, all the time! In a disjointed report from Marvel's Avengers panel, The Pulse has news that Ed Brubaker will work on an Avengers story after the "Avengers Disassembled" event. It's not clear how that fits into Brian Michael Bendis' relaunched series, though.

And because the joke apparently never gets old, Joe Quesada pretended to call DC's Dan Didio and say, "Sorry we are taking all your talent, sorry we have a 45% market share."

Update: In its coverage, Newsarama contacted Brubaker for comment:

"I can't comment, other than to say that yes, I accepted the job. I start work after my exclusive ends, so it's going to be tight, but I'm really psyched about it.

"I'm not leaving DC or WS, I still have a lot of work there, and I have no problems with them, I just got a nice job offer that I couldn't turn down, and I wanted to go freelance for a while anyway."