Monday, May 17, 2004

DC in August: DC Comics has released its August solicitations. Highlights include:

* "War Games," the big Batman Family crossover, kicks off with Batman: The 12-cent Adventure and continues through virtually every Bat-related book, except for (it seems) Gotham Central and Birds of Prey.

* Dustin Nguyen turns in a great cover for Robin #129, a stark contrast in style to the more cartoonish covers by Damion Scott.

* Batman Adventures #17 marks the end of the series.

* The tributes to Julius Schwartz continue with DC Comics Presents: The Atom #1, The Flash #1, Justice League of America #1 and Superman #1.

* Is it just me, or have the first three issues of Doom Patrol had essentially the same cover? Just me? Okay.

* The Legion #37-38 marks the end of the series. Again.

* I'm loving the covers to Sleeper Season Two.

* Wildcats 3.0 ends with Issue 24.

* Fabien Nury and John Cassaday's I Am Legion: The Dancing Faun, a World War II spy/supernatural thriller, looks intriguing. Sixty-four pages for $6.95? Sure.

* Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's WE3 debuts. (Quitely's been productive lately, also supplying covers from Bite Club and Books of Magick: Life During Wartime.)

(Link via Fanboy Rampage, because I thought the solicitations weren't released until 5 p.m. I'm slipping, I tell ya.)