Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Filter furor? A short item at The Pulse about the postponement of Mighty Mini Con has stirred a little ruckus in the comments section. For reasons unrevealed (although I have my guesses), the message board's filter censors Rick Olney's last name:

Rick ***** has announced that due to health reasons the Mighty Mini Con has been postponed. The convention was supposed to occur in June. ***** has said if he's able the convention will be rescheduled to October. Keep checking the official website for more details.

Augie De Blieck Jr. comments: "Oh, that's good. O-L-N-E-Y is a banned word at ... That's embarrassing."

And Darryl Hughes writes, more pointedly: "I find it odd that the man has a heart attack and you can't even find the compassion to print his full name in a news story about HIM! If he had died from the heart attack, would he still be Rick *****? Or would you have considered running his full name then?

"I think it's time everybody on all sides got over this goddamned pettiness. Especially at times like these."