Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Multi-tasking: Newsarama talks with Peter David about his newly announced Multiple Man project, named MadroX (because, let's face it, it just isn't a mutant book without a big "X" on the cover):

"He's practically the 'Hamlet' of Marvel. All of us have to make choices in our life. Every so often we reach a crossroads and we say, 'Okay, this direction instead of that direction.' Not Jamie. He's someone who's capable of living as many lives as he wants, experiencing whatever he wants, going in whatever direction he wants. As a result, because he can do practically everything, it makes it hard for him to do anything. Or, at the very least, to place any value of one thing over the other because he never has to make that qualitative decision. He never has to figure out what's more important to him. As a result, he's becoming increasingly disconnected from life. He's all alone in a crowd, especially since he's his own crowd. So he becomes a detective as an endeavor to remain in touch with the world, with trying to help people and--perhaps most important--to experience their lives."