Monday, May 24, 2004

Raising hell: Writing for Publishers Weekly (subscription required), Heidi MacDonald reports on the brisk sales of the Hellboy trade paperbacks, spurred by release of the film:

"At the beginning of May, the book was number 1 on Bookscan's graphic novel list, and there are five Hellboy titles among the top 100. The first book, Seed of Destruction, which formed the rough basis of the movie, quickly sold 20,000 copies, about half through bookstores, and now has sold about 40,000. Hellboy: Wake the Devil has sold close to 20,000 copies. Early demand outstripped the available supply; additional books had to be air freighted to the U.S. from China. 'It did exceed our wildest expectations,' said Michael Martens, Dark Horse v-p of business development."