Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Sketching Dave Johnson: At The Pulse, Atomeka Press' Ross Richie talks with Dave Johnson about his comics career, and why he draws covers instead of interiors:

"I was pretty lucky early on. I guess somebody recognized that I could actually design a halfway decent cover, so I got to do most of my own covers early on. When it finally came to the point when I realized I couldn’t make a living drawing interiors, I was just too slow and it was just taking too much out of me, doing covers was a nice little option. What really sealed the deal was getting a job in animation, having a 40 hour week dedicated to that job pretty much guarantees that I don’t have the time to do interiors. And frankly, interiors takes so much effort to do for so little pay-off when I can do a cover and get as much if not more exposure for doing the cover than doing all of the interiors. I’ve always been more of a singular artist image anyway. I think my storytelling is all right, but I tend to like to get in and get out because I get bored real easy and when you’re drawing a huge comic book project and you’re drawing the same characters over and over again, it tends to wear on me pretty bad. Makes Dave an unhappy boy. Covers are a nice little solution to that problem."

The Dave Johnson Sketchbook ships this July from Atomeka.