Tuesday, June 01, 2004

DC takes over Archie's ad sales: According to today's Wall Street Journal, DC Comics has taken over advertising sales for Archie Comics. Newsarama reports that the agreement "aims to create a network of 20 or more titles by 2005 aimed at kids which will, in total, have an average monthly circulation of 1.3 million copies, allowing advertisers to buy ad space in bulk":

"As a result of the network of books, advertisements will run in the same spot in the books each month, and will, DC and Archie are betting, provide solid competition for advertiser dollars that may otherwise go to the likes of Nickelodeon Magazine, Disney Adventures, and National Geographic Kids -- magazines aimed at the younger and “tween” age group. Additonally, of course, with the agreement, DC and Archie are no longer competing against each other for the same ad dollars."