Thursday, June 24, 2004

Look, ma! I'm pimping again: Yeah, yeah, I know. Well, if you don't care about my adventures into comics writing, just skip down to the next entry. This will be over in a minute.

Digital Webbing Presents #17 (JUN04 2442), which comes out in August, features my 16-page story "Bad Elements: Good For the Soul." The issue's standard cover, by Bob LeFevre, Kevin Conrad and James Offredi, showcases another story in the anthology. However, now it's been announced there will be a "Bad Elements" alternative cover (above) by Nick Marinkovich and Nick Postic (IDW's Underworld), which will go out to subscribers, and be available at conventions and through the DWP website.

October's DWP #19, which will feature a cover story by a certain well-known horror writer, also will include a little something I co-wrote with Ian Ascher; art is by Scott LeMien (Moonstone Monsters). More on that later.