Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Meet Pavitr Prabhaker and Meera Jain: Canada's National Post catches up to last week's news that Marvel's Spider-Man comic will be recrafted for an Indian audience:

"India seemed like the perfect place to try an experiment like this, where the market is considered very friendly to 'globalization.' The sitcom Friends has been very popular dubbed in Hindi, while McDonald's mcaloo tiiki (potato) burger has been a big success.

"The new Spider-Man India will be dressed in traditional Indian attire, wearing a dhoti (a wrap-around worn by men) around his waist and jooti (traditional shoes) on his feet. 'As well, a lot of the traditional U.S. names are going to be changed to real Indian names to give it more of a flavour,' notes Devarajan. Spider-Man's love interest, Mary Jane, will become Meera Jain, while Aunt May will be renamed Aunt Maya and she'll trade in her floral print dresses for a sari."

Not to be outdone, Newsarama also chases the story, and speaks about the project with Gotham Entertainment's Sharad Devarajan.

Update: Comic Book Resources also chats with Devarajan.