Saturday, June 12, 2004

Tintin's final adventure: The Washington Post reports on the release of Tintin and Alph Art, the series' 24th and final book, which has been released to celebrate the 75th birthday of the boy reporter. Tintin creator Herge (Georges Remi) died in 1983 before he could finish Alph Art, and left instructions that no one else should write Tintin stories:

"While Tintin fans will welcome a new story, they will also get a kick out of seeing Remi's creative process. Budding artists can see how Remi composed his drawings. The best and most complete sketches are enlarged to give readers a close-up of a car crash and other dramatic moments. Remi's attention to detail appears in the notes he made to himself, such as on Page 29, when he mulled over which type of car Capt. Haddock should drive: 'R.16? V.W.?'"