Monday, June 21, 2004

Well, that was fast: Newsarama also reports that the American Bible Society's venture into comics, Metron Press, is dead in the water due to internal problems:

"I think in hindsight the American Bible Society was committed to the Metron Press publishing imprint, but only to a certain degree. They were trying to run a for profit imprint with a non-profit mentality. The investment to take these books and the product line to the next level wasn't sitting too well with ABS upper management. They wanted a huge return on their investment without a decent distribution and sales vehicle in place. When it came time to really step up and make an impact, it became about not really wanting to serve the secular market and protecting their bottom line. It takes a certain amount of passion, risk, capital, and good old fashion elbow grease to make it work in any business. These were qualities that the American Bible Society lacked to a great degree."

Metron had planned to publish titles by several well-known mainstream creators, including Brian Augustyn, Dick Giordano, Terry Austin, Barbara Kesel, Bill Sienkiewicz, Christopher Priest, Dan Jolley, Jason Alexander, John Ostrander, Jim Krueger and Sanford Greene.