Thursday, July 29, 2004

Marvel's quarterly report: Marvel Enterprises -- you know, that "global entertainment licensing company" -- released its second-quarter financial results today. Net sales were $155.5 million, a growth of $65.5 million over the second quarter of 2003, spurred largely by the toy segment. The report also provides a review of Marvel's Plublishing Segment:

"... net sales rose due to increased strength in the direct and mass markets primarily driven by a higher title count and greater overall demand for Marvel brand products. Approximately 65 comic titles per month were published in Q2 2004 with an average circulation of over 53,800 units versus 50 titles per month at an average circulation of 64,000 units in the 2003 period. In total, there was an approximate 10% increase in circulation to 3.5 million units compared to the prior year period, reflecting success in the Company's title management strategy. Operating margins in the segment increased to 41.6% in Q2 2004 compared to operating margins of 31.6% in the prior-year period. The year-over-year margin increase reflects higher gross margins in the core comic business due to operating efficiencies, coupled with a lower cost structure due to reductions achieved in distribution costs compared to the prior-year period. Publishing segment margins also benefited from a one-time gain of $1.0 million in other income related to settlements of old bankruptcy claims."

For those tracking Marvel's film lineups, there's a chart with studio/distributor and status information for "2006 and beyond." There's even a slot for Ant-Man. Yes, Ant-Man.