Thursday, July 08, 2004

A modest proposal: Editor & Publisher notes that cartoonist John Kovaleski used the July 6 installment of his Bo Nanas comic strip to propose to his girlfriend, Jocelyn Swigger. She said yes:

"I woke Jocelyn in the morning and lied and said I got a phone message from [WPWG comics editor] Suzanne Whelton saying there was some grammatical problem with today's strip. I told her I might be able to change it for to reload but it was too late to change it for the papers. I said I needed her to look at it -- she has an English degree and often proofs strips for me. ... I had her get online and open it up while I strategically knelt beside her. She said when she read it she was just trying to proofread so it took her a moment after reading the words 'will you marry me?' to realize that the two characters were the cartoon versions of us I always draw. She then put her head in her hands before she turned to me and hugged me and said, 'Of course.'"