Friday, August 20, 2004

... and party every day: At Newsarama, Chris Arrant talks with comics wonder twins Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá and brothers Kako and Bruno D’Angelo about Rock'N'Roll:

"Most of the fans in the U.S. keep being fans of comics when they grow up, so you see a lot of old guys with the entire collection of Action Comics and such. With the exception of Maurício de Souza, who has a big enterprise studio and makes comics for children, we have mostly mature reader material being made by Brazilian creators. Unfortunately, the overall idea of comics is that it’s for kids and most of the comics still comes from outer seas, mainly super-heroes and, of course, manga.

"Comics grew in variety and improved in quality over the years, but they are not as cheap as they were in the past, so it has become more difficult to reach a broader audience in a country with economic problems like Brazil. So, the same way we see happening in the U.S., comic creators are looking to bookstores and doing graphic novels, what puts the price up."