Tuesday, August 17, 2004

DC in November: DC Comics released its November solicitations last night. Highlights include:

*Detective Comics hits the 800th-issue landmark with a 48-pager that includes the prelude to David Lapham's upcoming arc.
*I love Tim Sale's cover for Catwoman: When In Rome #3.
*JLA: Classified kicks off with a three-part story written by Grant Morrison.
*John Ostrander writes Aquaman #24, which guest-stars the Sea Devils. Is this simply a fill-in, or is Will Pfeifer no longer writing the series?
*Because you asked for it: a Firestorm/Bloodhound crossover! Okay, Dan Jolley asked for it.
*Marcos Martin's cover for Green Arrow #44 is striking, but unusual for the series.
*H-E-R-O ends with Issue 22.
*Know how you can tell Justice League Elite is "edgy" and, um, "gritty"? By the bloody head on the cover. I guess that's so no one will confuse it with Justice League Unlimited.
*In another case of a striking-but-unusual cover, check out J.H. Williams' piece for JSA #67.
*Rick Veitch and Tommy Lee Edwards resurrect The Question.
*The CMX Manga line expands with Musashi Number Nine and Swan.
*WildStorm's The Intimates -- not to be confused with The Ultimates -- launches, with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Sandra Hope and Jim Lee. You know, the guy who drew Batman: Hush.
*Gary Phillips' Angeltown miniseries kicks off.