Wednesday, August 25, 2004

For McCubbin, sexy sells: The San Francisco Chronicle profiles Laurenn McCubbin, illustrator of Rent Girls and co-writer/illustrator of the Xeric Award-winning XXXLiveNudeGirls:

"A naked girl can't help but be sexy -- there is something inherently sexy about a girl wearing lingerie, in certain poses ... but I don't draw them to get men off. I've had a male friend say, 'Damn you, Laurenn, you've ruined girl-on-girl action for me!' I don't know. I do want people to think about what they're looking at. "

"... "You know, I don't just draw sexy girls. I am a little obsessed with underpasses, old neon signs. Drawing women is a moneymaker. ... I mean, I don't use models that aren't real girls. My models are rounder or skinnier or somehow unconventional, although to me, of course, they are pretty."

The newspaper also spotlights Rent Girl writer Michelle Tea.