Thursday, August 05, 2004

Games on display: The Chicago Tribune (registration required) thinks that, with more than three-dozen video games on display, Comic-Con International is beginning to look like a miniature E3:

"Naturally, most vids on parade were directly linked to comic books. Activision is raking in millions from its relationship with Marvel Comics. NPD (a retail tracking group) recently released a list of the top-selling games of the first half of 2004, and Spider-Man 2 for the PlayStation 2 made it despite being out for only a few days. The Santa Monica, Calif.-based publisher is surely hoping lightning strikes twice with its upcoming X-Men game Legends. The action role-playing game allows gamers to satisfy their inner mutant far better than last year's clunky X2: Wolverine's Revenge. Taking control of several members of the team, such as Ice Man and Jean Grey, gamers can tap into dozens of flashy mutant talents to combat legions of bad guys and solve puzzles."