Friday, August 27, 2004

Life, unscripted: At Silver Bullet Comic Books, Tim O'Shea chats with Neil Kleid about his Xeric Award-winning Ninety Candles:

"I’ve gone on record saying that Ninety Candles began as a journal comic, me wanting to draw one thing a day, keep myself drawing. When I realized 'Um, I’m a cartoonist. Who cares that I spent half the day drawing demons and the other catching up on Six Feet Under?' I had to alter my plan. I still wanted to draw something every day, but decided that I would attack a larger narrative. Around that time I was heavy into improvisational acting- you know, acting without a script. I trained at Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre in NYC and was running a troupe of my own called Straight Jacket Required. So, as I sketched with no goal or story to tell, I realized that what might be cool would be too apply improvisation to comics. A viable, printed comic book created with no script, no net. Each panel would depend on the panel before. And as I started to form the experiment in my mind, I realized that I could explore other devices such as timing, space and gutters between panels and so forth."