Monday, August 09, 2004

Retailer settlement packages: has details on the settlement packages retailers are receiving from Marvel Comics as part of Brian Hibbs' class-action lawsuit. As has been previously reported, retailers will receive 24 percent credit on late books, and 17.5 percent credit on books with content that differed from the solicitation:

"We examined the specific calculations applying to one retailer. In his case, the gross order amount of the books Marvel delivered late totaled $8,197,59. Those orders ranged from 200 copies of Origin #4 down to single copies of a number of books, including Marvel Knights Magazine #5. Our sample retailer also received $31.82 worth of books that were delivered late only to some retailers. He had previously returned $185.85 worth of late books. Accordingly, the calculation in his case provided for credit of $1,931.17, or 24% of the net late books.

"Our sample retailer had also received $655.53 worth of books that arrived with different contents than those solicited. He is eligible for $114.72 in credit for those books, or 17.5% of the total. The total credit for our sample retailer will thus total $2,045.89, if he accepts the settlement and it clears the other remaining hurdles to approval by the court."