Thursday, September 02, 2004

The blogosphere under a microscope: At Comic Book Resources, Larry Young's "Loose Cannon" returns for a limited engagement with a look at comics blogs:

"I've always been a light-a-candle-instead-of-curse-the-darkness sort of guy, so instead of shrugging my shoulders and dismissing comics blogs as merely vents into the ether by too-cranky people, I decided to do a little outreach. I'd been sending AiT/Planet Lar books to traditional media and a few online sources for review for years, so why not, I figured, treat comics bloggers as a nascent, viable media outlet as well? If the outreach didn't work, we were only out promo copies, but if it did, we could work together so comics bloggers could get some free comics they'd enjoy, and we'd get more publicity for our books.

"This has worked so well for us I'm surprised other publishers haven't jumped into this review stream with both feet. I mean, you have to figure something's up when the entire comics blogosphereiverse goes from talking about Marvel and DC one week and then AiT/Planet Lar books the next, right? That one's a straight line between two dots, yes it is."