Thursday, September 30, 2004

City planning: looks at Dark Horse's preparations for the April 1 opening of the Sin City movie:

"Dark Horse has been busy reprinting the original editions of the Sin City saga and all of the familiar version of the Sin City trade paperbacks should be available from Dark Horse (via Diamond) within the next two weeks, with the exception of The Big Fat Kill, which is currently only available in hardcover.

"But starting in January 2005, Dark Horse will issue new versions of its Sin City trades. The books will be re-designed by master designer Chip Kidd and will be reformatted to a six-inch by nine-inch size. The new editions will all have volume numbers on their spines, and the first volume (originally entitled simply Sin City) will have an added subtitle, The Hard Goodbye. The cover prices will be the same as on the original volumes."

Also look for coasters, Zippo lighters, prints and, yes, a shot glass.