Tuesday, September 07, 2004

DC gives away Fallen Angel #1: Johanna's "Why Aren't You Reading Fallen Angel?" contest appears to have caught on. DC has announced it's getting behind Peter David's series by giving retailers free copies of a special new printing of Issue 1. Retailers will receive the reprint in quantities equal to half their initial orders of Hellblazer #200. Here's David:

"I am very pleased that DC feels that FALLEN ANGEL is worth the time, consideration and energy for this extra promotional step. Part of it stems from the nearly unanimous critical raves the series has gotten, and part from DC's knowing that upcoming issues will answer a lot of questions. As for the much-debated background of the Fallen Angel herself, well... let's just say that the final panel of issue #18 should pretty much point the way, once and for all, in the direction of her true origins. By giving readers a second look at series' start, DC is inviting and urging readers who missed it the first time to give it a try."

Just a reminder: Tomorrow is the deadline for Johanna's contest.