Thursday, September 16, 2004

Fully bled: Last week, columnist Shawn Hoke bade farewell to Broken Frontier. Today, it's Matt Maxwell's turn:

"If you take nothing else away from your reading of 'Full Bleed,' then remember this. You have a right to demand quality storytelling in your comics. You don’t necessarily have a right to demand of creators how to give that to you, though. If you don’t like the comics you’re reading, feel free to let the creators know, but don’t expect them to turn everything around on a dime because you’re not happy with it. Look elsewhere if you have to. Expect great stories from your reading. Don’t buy something halfhearted just because it has a great cover or eye-catching art. Does that cover or the art serve a greater purpose? No, I’m not suggesting that you restrict yourself to a diet of black and white art comics (or even the color ones.) It’s often the case that they’re just as restrictive in their genre trappings as the most offensive of the spandex books are."

Luckily, we still can read Matt's blog, Highway 62.