Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The return of Dracula: Newsarama chats with Dick Giordano and Marvel editor Mark Beazley about the release of Stoker’s Dracula, the adaptation Giordano and Roy Thomas began 30 years ago but never completed:

“When I look at the original 76 pages I find that the storytelling is not too shabby and when I look at the last chapter in book 2, which I've just finished, the technique looks real close to the chapters that preceded it. So maybe we're talking about degrees here. Will it look different to the readers? Well thirty years, a change in format and art size, as well as an artist who is thirty years older has to lead to some differences in the art. But I am working extra hard to keep the differences as minimal as possible. The readers will have to determine how successful I am at keeping the ‘look’ seamless.”