Friday, September 24, 2004

Review revue: The Hartford Advocate reviews Seth's Bannock, Beans and Black Tea: Memories of a Prince Edward Island Childhood in the Great Depression and Clyde Fans: Book One:

"Seth makes his living as a commercial artist, his work appearing regularly in the New York Times, Spin, Forbes, and The New Yorker, but when he draws comics he seems to enter a timeless world where the artistic vision is incorruptible, almost preserved in amber. At an event in New Haven, he once told a startled audience, 'I am not a gag artist. I don't have a sense of humor.' He was telling the truth. The cumulative effect of his work is powerfully melancholic. The colors he uses only reinforce the melancholic glow of his drawings: olive greens, greys, browns. Seth has perfected one color in particular, a light bluish tinge, mixed with brown and grey that instantly connects with a viewer."