Monday, December 13, 2004

Batman, Robin and ... The Question

Usually, when a columnist ponders that age-old question, "Is Batman gay?," it means he's run out of material. But Ninth Art's Andrew Wheeler fearlessly tackles the topic anyway, summoning the ghost of Fredric Wertham, and making a couple of decent points in the process. It's better than most columns on the Batman/Robin relationship.

Such speculation about fictional characters is silly. But I do wonder why supposition invariably focuses on Batman and Robin. No one seems interested in what may have gone on in the foxhole between Captain America and Bucky, or how Sandman and Sandy the Golden Boy wiled away the hours.

Is it because Wertham seemed so fixated on the Dynamic Duo's relationship, or simply because they're the best-known hero/sidekick combo? Or maybe it's Burt Ward's fault.

Yeah, let's blame Burt Ward ...

(Note: The second item in Wheeler's column, anticipating the onslaught of "year in review" articles, is worth reading.)