Thursday, December 30, 2004

Comic shop focuses on that 'elusive' girl market

The Oregonian spotlights Sweet Eddy's Comics in Wilsonville, which hopes to appeal to young girls by carrying more manga and "girl-centered" titles:
"My father read comic books, and my brother read comic books, and I always hated comic-book stores because there was nothing for me," [co-owner] Deanna Nelson recalled, adding that comic-book stores are traditionally dominated by men. "I call them gyms without jocks."
Marvel's Joe Quesada also is quoted about the "elusive" girl market, and the industry's attempts to recapture a younger audience that he claims was lost in the 1990s:
"It was a time when they were working hard on creating collectible comics, and they forgot about the fact that the core of what makes comics great is fantastic stories."
Thank goodness we learned our lesson about creating "collectible comics." No more variant covers and the like for us. Nosireebob!