Sunday, December 19, 2004

Playing catchup

I've been busy with free-lance work, a new comics script and my so-called real life, so I haven't been johnny-on-the-spot with all the links lately. So, allow me to catch up on a few items:

You've likely seen this by now, but Dave at Yet Another Comics Blog is holding a PBS-style pledge drive to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund: Through Dec. 24, if 10 people make first-time donations of $25, Dave will donate $250 to the CBLDF. It's a great offer that benefits a great organization. Go to Dave's blog to read all the details regarding donations, confirmation, etc.

Something else everyone likely has seen by now, but I'll link to it for future reference: Todd McFarlane Productions filed for Chapter 11 protection from creditors Friday in Federal Bankruptcy Court. The Associated Press reports that McFarlane is citing the $15 million jury award against him in the Tony Twist lawsuit.

One of my favorite comics creators, Ted Naifeh, is interviewed at The Pulse about Courtney Crumrin, Gloomcookie and Death Junior, but not so much about his upcoming fantasy epic, Glimmer. Naifeh mentions on his website that the first issue of the delayed Death Junior is finished, and should be released in April.

The St. Petersburg Times attends OtakuCon, the manga and anime convention in Florida.

The San Francisco Chronicle looks at how so many Americans are being swept up in all things Asian, from films and literature to food and medicine.

And lastly, Newsarama has a preview of The Amazing Joy Buzzards #2, which looks like loads of fun. I'm glad I went with my gut and pre-ordered the first few issues of the series.