Monday, January 24, 2005

Coming to cell phones: a talking, 3-D Stan Lee

Washington's King County Journal spotlights Bellevue-based Vidiator Technology, which recently signed a deal with Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment to develop "entertainment offerings" for mobile phones and other wireless devices. In the works is an electronic "greeting card" featuring a 3-D animated talking-head image of Lee announcing the partnership:
In his trademark hyperbolic style, Lee calls Pow!'s partnership with Vidiator one of "Earth-shaking importance'' for his fans because they will now be able to "see my newest and wildest thrillers right on your mobile phone or PDA (personal digital assistant).

"We're working on a whole kazillion superhero epics, the like of which you've never seen before,'' Lee said.

He also describes Wong's company as "the amazing wizards of wireless,'' adding: "Wouldn't Vidiator be a great name for a hero?''