Monday, March 21, 2005

James Jean art show to open during APE

San Francisco's Super 7 store will present an exhibit of the original drawings, paintings and prints of James Jean from April 8 to May 11. Jean will be on hand for the April 8 opening, which coincides with the April 9-10 Alternative Press Expo:
In the current wasteland of contemporary art, filled with the tired repetition of iconic characters, styles and motifs, James Jean is one of the few inspirational artists out there. Just one look at any of his works will immediately win you over. And he's definitely already wowed the comics industry, receiving the Eisner Award (the comics industry's equivalent to an Oscar) for his groundbreaking cover artwork on both Fables and Batgirl; breaking all the rules in terms of perspective, composition and color palettes.

You've probably even already seen his work without knowing, the great illustration used on the Donna's recent Gold Medal album or San Francisco's own Stratford 4's forthcoming major label debut cover art, and spot illustrations in a variety of high profile publications. We're also proud to help spread the word on his new book, published by AdHouse Books, Process Recess, which collects much of his work, including his amazing sketchbooks.
Super 7 is located at 1630 Post St. in San Francisco. For more information, visit the store's website.