Thursday, March 24, 2005

Q&A: Tim Bradstreet (or is it FilmForce?) has 10 questions for artist Tim Bradstreet, who talks about his influences, what project didn't live up to expectations, and what he'd change about the industry:
Royalties for creators across the board. Some companies are good with this but most are not. I'm not asking for the world here, I'm just saying when a company does a poster with my artwork on it, I should see a small percentage from that. Or if my covers are reprinted in a collection I should be compensated just like the interior artists are. If my work is used on a toy package, I need to be compensated a second rights fee, and if not a royalty situation, at the very least higher rates for the original work that ends up being merchandised to death. I'm just talking fair treatment here.

There is no good reason that companies should be able to use someone else's vision to sell their products and not cut them into it in some small way. If this was the case you'd find more top creators would be less inclined to work on some creator owned book and more interested in doing established characters. Just my two cents.