Tuesday, March 15, 2005

'Vimanarama' gets more international attention

While Marvel pushes hard in the U.S. for mainstream attention for Black Panther and Arana, DC's more low key Vimanarama continues to get coverage overseas -- not surprisingly, in India:

Today, The Times of India and several other Indian newspapers carry an article about Grant Morrison and Philip Bond's miniseries, noting the "universally positive reviews" that use phrases like "an infectious sense of wonder":
DC Comics sum up the plot as "a modern day Arabian nights in the form of a Bollywood romantic comedy set on a celestial stage". The mind boggles.

And so it should, as the plot contains fossilised demons, a 15,000-year-old Asian superman and a subterranean world beneath Bradford, discovered when a crate of Turkish delight in one of Ali's dad's shops somehow breaks open an entrance to it.

But the comic book is not solely concerned with things wild and wonderful, as it also seeks to show the variety of the local Asian community; for example, some women wear traditional clothes, while others are decked out in jeans and trainers.