Sunday, April 03, 2005

Do people still say 'e-zines'?

I've been a curious mix of lazy and busy, so I think I'll only make one entry today. Regular blogging, for what it's worth, should resume tomorrow.

The April edition of Animefringe features a Q&A with Scott Pilgrim cartoonist Bryan Lee O'Malley, who discusses his anime and manga influences, work process, and the autobiographical aspects of his comics:

"I guess my comics are kind of like dreams. When I look back at them, I see all these little fractured bits of my memories and stuff popping up as characters, situations and stuff. Every little bit of the story is just a different reflection of some part of me. It's really kind of bizarre and hard to explain. But yeah, a lot of the little details that get mentioned, things that happen, snippets of dialogue are things that happened to me or friends."

The online magazine also spotlights the 15th anniversary of the CLAMP collective.

Meanwhile, the new edition of Sequential Tart features an interview with Brian Wood about The Tourist, an overview of manga publisher Viz, and more.