Wednesday, December 31, 2003

High apple pie in the sky hopes ... I'm going to go out on a limb and guess Daniel Way ("Ant Man," "Gun Theory") wasn't crazy about writing "Ant Man," or about doing the interview with The Pulse:

The Pulse: "Hank Pym in the Ultimates universe seems a little 'Max' but the mainstream universe Hank Pym has never seemed that cutting edge or mature - at least before the Avengers 71 issue - so why was this Ant Man (as opposed to Scott Lange ) chosen for the Max series?"

Daniel Way: "I don't know (just like I don't know about this 'Avengers 71' thing). Marvel sent me this big book of old Ant-Man stories and said 'go.' I flipped through it--sometimes he got really small, sometimes he got really big ... I didn't know what the fuck was going on. So I just read the first 6 or 8 pages of the first story, got it and went off."

The Pulse: "What do you view as Hank's greatest assets?"

Way: "Well ... he can make himself really small. That's what we call his 'power'."

The Pulse: "What do you view as his greatest weaknesses?"

Way: "Insecurity. Egomania. Totally gay outfit."

The Pulse: "What are your goals with this series?"

Way: "Midget prostitute in a plush kangaroo costume."

The Pulse: "What are some of the elements that will make this comic have to be for Mature readers?"

Way: "The butt-fucking, mostly."

It gets better from there. It's made even more surreal by the disjointed nature of the Q&A, with Jennifer Contino forced into the unwitting "straight man" role because the interview, quite obviously, was conducted via email with no real interaction or follow-up.

Truly, truly bizarre.

Artblog sums it all up beautifully: "The Pulse's Interview-o-Matic 9000 malfunctions horribly and kills Daniel Way in a tragic avalanche of blindly prepared questions and punch cards."