Saturday, December 20, 2003

Phantom jacked: In a puzzling move, Mike Sangiacomo leaps into the fire by proclaiming his love for Paul Gulacy's art on "Catwoman" over that of Cameron Stewart, Darwyn Cooke and Javier Pulido, and by telling us what comics are all about. (I'll quote a huge chunk to avoid taking his comments out of context):

"I believe that different styles of drawing have their place.

"For example, we have 'regular' artists on comics and then we have artists on comics meant for kids like 'Powerpuff Girls' and the Justice League and Batman books based on the cartoon shows.

"It is less detailed, features exaggerated physical characteristics and is simply, simpler.

"This is not a bad thing, just a different thing.

"We are saying that the art based on the cartoon shows is less than the 'regular' work.

"So, if we agree that these comics based on cartoons are simpler than we have established an art level. Up here, the 'regular' artists are for more discerning readers and down here, the animated stuff is for ... others.

"That being said, I hope the Brubaker-Gulacy team stays around on Catwoman through the release of the Halle Berry Catwoman movie. I would prefer people who enjoy the film picking up a copy of the Gulacy illustrated work so they can get a truer picture of what comics are all about."

Had he simply said he prefers Gulacy's style -- I won't say "realistic," because Gulacy's art is anything but that -- over Stewart's more cartoonish lines, he'd have been fine. You like what you like. Instead, he attempts to rationalize his tastes by creating a stylistic caste system of "regular" artists and "others," and by trying to define what "comics are all about."

Needless to say, the folks on the Newsarama message board are in revolt:

"Man, that sucks, really really sucks ..."

"Putting Cameron Stewart, Darwyn Cooke, Brad Rader, -- and essentially Bruce Timm as well, and Alex Toth as being the inspiration that all of these artists draw from -- 'beneath' 'regular' comics artists is frankly ignorant."

"This has to be the worst thing I've ever read on Newsarama."