Thursday, December 11, 2003

"Runaway" comments: Newsarama pimps the upcoming guest appearance of Cloak & Dagger in "Runaways," and shows artist Takeshi Miyazawanew's character sketches, triggering an odd reaction from one reader -- and a hilarious post from writer Brian Vaughan.

Poster: "Gah! This doof has obviously never heard of double-sided costume tape. He needs to take a damn theater costuming class before he tries to redesign a costume that doesn't need fixing."

Vaughan: "I'm the 'doof' who suggested a costume tweaking, so I deserve your ire, not Takeshi. If our mail is to be believed, Runaways is read by many more young female readers than dirty old men, so I didn't think our audience would mind two extra strips of fabric. Sorry I didn't attend theater costuming class. I think I was getting laid that day."