Monday, December 15, 2003

Tales of the "Teen Titans": Ah, now this should make me feel better: The Pulse reminisces with Marv Wolfman about "The New Teen Titans," and discovers what went into creating the classic '80s series.

Most interesting, perhaps, is Wolfman's reflection on the series' legacy, and his place in the comics industry:

"THE PULSE: How does it feel to have so many current creators cite New Teen Titans as having such a great influence on their career?

"WOLFMAN: Mixed emotions. Obviously, I love it. It validates so much of the work I did. On the other hand, it is sometimes awkward when editors tell me how much they loved the book and how much my writing meant to them, but when I ask about new work, it's always, 'Well, we don't have anything.'

"I know they are under pressure to keep finding new talent so I don't have a personal problem, but it is frustrating as I think I could be doing the same kind of work today. But it is great when some writer or artist I really admire today tells me how much Titans or Dracula or Nova or some book meant to them. I also feel the same when I get email from fans who never wrote to the letter columns but who find my email on my website and tell me how much my work meant to them and how it might have gotten them through a tough spot. Those are the letters I truly cherish and I write to back every one of them, even if it's only a line or so saying thanks. Writers, more than artists, tend to sit very much alone in our rooms typing away our stories and we don't really know if we have any effect on anyone. The email I've been getting for the past four or five years from former fans is life-sustaining."