Friday, January 23, 2004

"Get us out from under, Wonder Woman": At SBC, Greg Rucka responds to mixed fan reaction over his new direction for Wonder Woman:

"Those people who want to see Diana punching Bad Guys, they’ve got three options as I see it; they can be patient and wait for it, because it’s coming, and anyone who has any sense of dramatic structure at all (meaning, say, that they’ve watched network television) knows that; they can drop the book and pick up one of the 97 other titles out there where there’s a fight every other page; or they can go to the back-issue bins. But I will not introduce a fight for the sake of a fight in any story I write, and I will not pander. I get 22 pages a month to tell the story I want to tell, and I’m going to do it my way. That’s my job, it’s what I’ve been hired to do, and I do it well enough that I can make a living at it."