Friday, January 02, 2004

Making a mountain out of an ant-hill: Puzzling reaction continues to yesterday's interview with "Ant Man" writer Daniel Way, with several Pulse readers outraged by his comments and behavior.

Apparently, Way should've taken more seriously the adventures of a third-string character who can shrink and talk to ants. Or maybe it was the mindless, emailed interview he should've taken seriously. At this point, I'm not sure what they're upset about. But, needless to say, they're upset about something:

"Congratulations Daniel Way, you come off as a total prat."

"That's just sad. Comes across like a 15 year old who just learned a bunch of 'dirty' words and is doing his best to shock someone. 'The most challenging part is sitting down to write when all I really want to do is get fucked up and get laid.' Absolutely ridiculous. Someone high up on the food chain at Marvel needs to have a serious talk with this immature dolt."

Note from me: Come on, Marvel counts among its "treasures" Ron Zimmerman, Chuck Austen and Mark Millar, and he wants them to have a "serious talk with this immature dolt"?

"After reading an interview with this guy, there is no way in Hell I would spend money on this."

"Good interview, Jen. I was considering picking this up and now I know why I won't. Comic book creators that apparently don't give a crap about...much of anything really...continuity, existing fan base, etc. Funny, yes, but will the book be any good? Unlikely."

Ah, the Comicon forums. God bless 'em.