Saturday, January 31, 2004

Men of mettle: Occasionally -- but only occasionally -- Wizard magazine is more than just a shrine to Jim Lee or Marc Silvestri. Take, for instance, this month's #149. Oh, sure, there's an eight-page preview of Lee and Azzarello's Superman #204 (not to mention an unimpressive sneak peek of Millar and Dodson's Spider-Man #1).

But never mind those distractions. Buried in "The Buzz Bin" column is this nugget of comic-book goodness:

"Look for DC's revamp train to pick up more passengers this summer, as the Metal Men return in a new series by Evan Dorkin (Milk & Cheese) and Mike Allred (X-Statix). Early word suggests that Dorkin and Allred will ditch the 'human spirits infused with robot bodies' for a completely fresh approach."

Did I miss a previous announcement of a Metal Men relaunch, or is this the first mention of it? Forget the Superman reboot and X-Men "Reloaded." I can't wait for Dorkin and Allred's Metal Men.