Thursday, January 29, 2004

Darling, we're the young ones? At, retailers have begun to respond to yesterday's news about a parent upset by the "edgy" content of DC's Outsiders #8. In the website's "Talk Back" section, Buddy Saunders of Lone Star Comics warns that, left unchecked, problems like that "could lead to a loss of young customers."

Young customers? In a comics store? Hm.

Mr. Saunders goes on to recount Lone Star's long and fruitful history, ending with this encouraging (if puzzling) thought:

"Getting kids into comics these days isn't easy. But it is worth the effort. The dimes and dollars from many a kid's pocket has helped Lone Star become the largest comics retailer in Texas. The comics industry needs more strong retailers. Now is a good time to open a comic store. If you are thinking such thoughts, I hope you will follow our time-tested example."