Monday, January 12, 2004

Wasted days and wasted Knights: Marvel's Axel Alonso explains what it takes to be a Marvel Knights afficionado:

"We figure that the Marvel Knights reader is probably not somebody who lies awake in the middle of the night pondering who’s stronger, Hulk or Thor?"

But Hulk and Iron Man? Now that's another story entirely.

"The first book coming over will be Incredible Hulk, with that month’s issues #70 and #71. 'It's the beginning of a new arc, and it will be our first big, superhero brawl since Bruce [Jones, writer] came on the series – we’re bring in Iron Man for the story,' Alonso said. 'We reasoned that the Hulk universe is one big enough to include cyberpunk, and Iron Man fit that picture. Hulk has a weird science backdrop to start with, and Tony Stark is a guy who wears a supercomputer hooked up to an arsenal, so we reasoned that it made sense.'"