Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Full Metal racket: On his LiveJournal this morning, Evan Dorkin confirms the Wizard magazine item about his upcoming Metal Men miniseries with Mike Allred (link via Fanboy Rampage). But he's not happy with Wizard:

"This isn't a really big deal, but I'm already pissed at Wizard for ignoring World's Funnest, and using my name in an ad for Wizard Edge in Previews, which said they were running an interview with me in the magazine when I was never approached about. And of course the magazine didn't even mention me or anything I was working on (The similarly advertised Jhonen Vasquez interview also never appeared). Anyway, I was being a good soldier and keeping my yap shut about the Metal Men, and I personally like keeping things quiet until they're ready to be announced, so I wish they kept their big "coup" to themselves. Whatever. At least now I don't have to keep it a secret. We're doing a Metal Men series, huzzah."