Saturday, February 07, 2004

Manga's millions: Publishers Weekly talks to's Milton Griepp about the manga sales explosion in the United States, citing a 75% to a 100% growth in the past year -- mostly in the bookstore market.

"Griepp said annual sales in the U.S. of manga alone are estimated at about $100 million for 2003. This figure, he said, does not include nonmanga graphic novels. The new report does not break out figures for general bookstores and the direct market (comics shops), which will be provided in another report on graphic novels that will be released in the spring for this year's BookExpo America."

Largest sales growth was in national bookstore chains, followed by independent stores, music and video chains, "and now mass market chains are starting to get involved," Griepp told PW.

The article also mentions manga's demographics -- roughly 60% women -- noting that it's "unprecedented for the American comics market, which has never been able to attract a sizable audience of girls or women."