Thursday, February 05, 2004

Queer as folk: The press release about Prism Comics' tongue-in-cheek (and slow-on-the-draw) "Queer Eye On Comics" sends the Newsarama forums spinning horribly out of control:

"PC nonsense is for the losers of the world. Winners don't need the crutch."

"Never mind Batman and Robin gay jokes: this sort of attention-whoring behaviour is atrociously obnoxious and gives a bad rep to a maligned segment of the population that really doesn't need it."

"My own viewpoint is not one of intolerance, or fear, or insecurity. I don't believe that homosexuality has any place in society at all. That it is wrong, and morally reprehensible. However...I have many gay friends, and colleagues. I don't believe their choice of lifestyle keeps me from knowing them, and considering them friends."

"... I think the gayness dissecting is bullshit and needs to stop. Straight men should be free to act however they want without having to be labelled."

"This thread has inspired me. ... I think I'll make a website - dedicated to hot lesbian action in comic books. It's just gotta be done."